These students will be setting the standards, forging paths and breaking ground for the rest to follow. They are the team-oriented, adventure-seekers. Ones who want to break down barriers and take charge. Ones who see the world and say,

“Hey, I can make this place better.” 


Meet the very first cohort of the Texas Immersive Program! Forging the path for many students to come.

Anna Pickett
Grad: Spring 2021
Ansley Marquardt
Grad: Spring 2021
Armaan Farsad
Grad: Spring 2022
AJ Abdullah
Grad: Spring 2021
Brooke Loye
Grad: Spring 2021
Corey Morgan
Grad: Spring 2021
Daniel Killough
Grad: Spring 2023
Fatema Dawoodbhoy
Grad: Spring 2021
Giselle Garcia
Grad: Fall 2020
Janelle Corral
Grad: Spring 2021
Jin Xu
Grad: Spring 2021
Josh Ramirez
Grad: Spring 2021
Kavina Hsu
Grad: Spring 2021
Quinn Silker
Grad: Fall: 2021
Logan Smith
Grad: Spring 2021
Lucy Galloway
Grad: Spring 2022
Olivia Moriarty
Grad: Spring 2021
Paige Cabianca
Grad: Fall 2021
Kaitlin Porter
Grad: Spring 2022
Sarah Fung
Grad: Spring 2022
Sarah Krueger
Grad: Spring 2021
Shivani Singh
Grad: Spring 2021
Taylor King
Grad: Spring 2021
Vicki Shon
Grad: Spring 2022


Meet our second cohort of the Texas Immersive Program!

Arianna Avalle
"The Pioneer"
Caroline Cox
"The Smooth Talker"
Celine Low
"The Curious"
Corey Ates
Keila Martinez
"The Dancer"
Jackie Zhu
"The Escapist"
Jacklyn Oliva
"La Música"
Katie Guy
"The Enthusiast"
Kinley White
"The Nostalgic"
Kyle Schoenfeld
"The Dreamer"
Luisa Torres
"The Energetic"
Meredith Schiele
"The Observer"
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FALL 2019

Experimental Storytelling is the second course of the TXI program. Teaching students how to incorporate characters and story arcs to develop a personable and relatable experience for your audience.

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