These students will be setting the standards, forging paths and breaking ground for the rest to follow. They are the team-oriented, adventure-seekers. Ones who want to break down barriers and take charge. Ones who see the world and say

Hey, I can make this place better. 


These students have ran through the gauntlet and have become Certified Explorers. They know Immersive like the back of their hand and got the portfolio to back it.


These students have a strong grasp on the theory that makes for quality experiences and are hungry to apply it.


These students are just getting their feet wet, but don't let that fool you. Their passion for Immersive makes them an unstoppable force on any team.



FALL 2019

Experimental Storytelling is the second course of the TXI program. Teaching students how to incorporate characters and story arcs to develop a personable and relatable experience for your audience.