Fall 2020


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Students created a 3D world to allow Yeti customers to discover products where they would be used: In The Wild. Click on the image for the experience's content bible

By: Jackson Cobb, Thi Le, Ansley Marquardt, Daniela Quesada, Taylor King, and Sarah Krueger


@48Moods is an experiment in collective storytelling using Instagram created each semester by the class. Biweekly, students are called to respond to a theme with an image & haiku. The simplicity of the exercise helps students build a lasting creative process.

Each semester, graduate students in the class are tasked to curate images and reflections from the class and design a tangible-meets-digital piece that sparks communication.

Spring 2020


Spring 2019


Fall 2019

Story Experiments

TXI Acceptance!


Through the completion of different software certificates, students design themed experiences and prototype their ideas.


As a way to induct the next cohort of accepted Texas Immersive Explorers, students develop an interactive story experience to welcome them into the program.