The final TXI class works collectively as an experience design team, spending a full semester working with a real-world client.


Our first real-world client was UT Admissions. In partnership with the Texas Immersive Institute, The University of Texas at Austin sought to create intimate connections with digital-first families. Through 8th Wall’s WebAR, faculty and students reimagined the campus experience for a quarter of the budget typical of augmented reality campaigns of this scale.

Consisting of 3 connected projects - Map Mailer, Campus Tour, and Photobooth hosted at UT Austin's Welcome Center - audiences immerse themselves into the culture of UT Austin without ever leaving their circle of friends and family. The experience is now seen by nearly 70,000 people who visit UT Austin every year, consisting largely of prospective students.

Eyes on the sky

Eyes on the Sky is a mixed reality experience to further education about space environmentalism. 

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